A Pressing Issue

I suppose this is more of a chat about what the new year is going to be like, and less about a mundane but spectacular kitchen appliance.  We’ll cover a little bit of both. The new year is one of my favorite times.  Not for the weather, but for the symbolism.  It’s a time to reflect, to plan.  It’s a… Read more →

Amuse Bouche…

Amuse Bouche – a “mouth amuser” I’ll be posting more about the Anova Sous Vide that the Beautiful Wife bought me very soon, as well as the life changing garlic press I just bought. Stay hungry! Read more →

Monkey in a Barrel

We’ve had a lot of visitors since our little Monkey was born.  Sometimes even I get tired of cooking.  Sometimes we need to simply go eat good food, drink good beer, and hang out at a place where a 10 month old’s squeaks aren’t going to be out of place.  Our go-to haunt lately has been 10 Barrel.  We’ve been… Read more →