Monkey in a Barrel

We’ve had a lot of visitors since our little Monkey was born.  Sometimes even I get tired of cooking.  Sometimes we need to simply go eat good food, drink good beer, and hang out at a place where a 10 month old’s squeaks aren’t going to be out of place.  Our go-to haunt lately has been 10 Barrel.  We’ve been to 10 Barrel probably 5 times now in the 10 months we’ve been in Boise, and aside from one service catastrophe when we had a group of 14, we’ve enjoyed ourselves.

I’ve sampled pizza, tacos, fish n’ chips, salads, gyro burger, app plates, and the BLT.  I have to say, the winners are the BLT and the fish n’ chips.  The BLT due to the amazing bread – heavenly sourdough with a real “sour” bite to it, but a soft, open grain.  The  fish n’ chips were keepers for taste (beer battered, not greasy, halibut) and were sourced from a little town in Alaska where I lived for a year.

10 Barrel is casual, not too expensive, and a great place for us to bring our little human and still feel like we’re hanging with adults.  Gratuitous food photos shall now commence.  Seriously, look at the damn BLT…with a fried egg no less!

IMG_3757 IMG_3756 IMG_3755 IMG_3758 IMG_3753 IMG_3751 IMG_3750 IMG_3749

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